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Welcome to FirstLoveWorks

Celebrating 20 Years



FirstLoveWorks produced Anchored, an all-new, original ballet celebrating the 400th Anniversary of the Pilgrims, in Andover, Plymouth, and Northfield, MA, in autumn of 2021.  Choreographed and adapted by Ballet Magnificat!, America’s premiere Christian ballet company, and original story written by Ann Woodworth Savastano.

Testimonials have poured in from attendees inspired by the Anchored performances:
Mayflower descendants, Native American emissaries, ballet aficionados, historians, pastors, educators, and people who care deeply about the godly heritage of our nation and long to see it accurately represented.

We believe that Anchored: The Pilgrim Story comes at a “kairos” moment for our nation. The ballet brings diverse groups together to celebrate what’s good about our nation’s heritage and to know the Pilgrims’ Christian faith that grounds our country. Ballet Magnificat! has already taken Anchored to Colorado, Florida, and Mississippi, and we are exploring plans to bring Anchored to more audiences, possibly including Native American reservations.

Thank you to all who volunteered, attended the performances, and supported our efforts. We will keep you posted with further developments!

Do you have a personal story or testimony of how Anchored inspired you? We would love to hear from you. Email Tom or Ann below.


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