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Past Events

God's Healing Arsenal - 2023

FirstLoveWorks recently sponsored "God's Healing Arsenal," a powerful conference featuring the ministry and teaching of Dr. Paul King, last November in Keene NH. Dr. King has a rich and varied background in multiple healing streams and is also an astute theologian and scholar. He ministered persuasively according to principles from his book God's Healing Arsenal, with a pastoral and gentle spirit. We (Ann and Tom Savastano, founders of FirstLoveWorks) came to know Dr. King when he served as our faculty mentor for the Randy Clark Scholars cohort in the doctoral program at United Theological Seminary.  We have desired to have him come to New England for years, and were not disappointed when he came!


Two area churches hosted the conference sessions: Healing Grace MInistries in Brattleboro, VT; and Village Church in Swanzey, NH. We're very grateful for their hospitality, and for providing a unique opportunity to minister in two states. The conference was well attended, and many received prayer for healing from Dr. King and a team of seasoned prayer ministers. We know that powerful ministry took place, and trust that God will continue to move with an increase of healing in our region. Thanks to all who volunteered to help serve in so many ways, and to the wonderful worship teams that opened the way for such a rich time in the presence of our God. 




Anchored: The Pilgrim Story - 2021

FirstLoveWorks produced Anchored, an all-new, original ballet celebrating the 400th Anniversary of the Pilgrims, in Andover, Plymouth, and Northfield, MA, in autumn of 2021.  Choreographed and adapted by Ballet Magnificat!, America’s premiere Christian ballet company, and original story written by Ann Woodworth Savastano.

Testimonials have poured in from attendees inspired by the Anchored performances:
Mayflower descendants, Native American emissaries, ballet aficionados, historians, pastors, educators, and people who care deeply about the godly heritage of our nation and long to see it accurately represented.

We believe that Anchored: The Pilgrim Story comes at a “kairos” moment for our nation. The ballet brings diverse groups together to celebrate what’s good about our nation’s heritage and to know the Pilgrims’ Christian faith that grounds our country. Ballet Magnificat! has already taken Anchored to Colorado, Florida, and Mississippi, and we are exploring plans to bring Anchored to more audiences, possibly including Native American reservations.

Thank you to all who volunteered, attended the performances, and supported our efforts. We will keep you posted with further developments!



Kissed by the Son: Revive and Reform – 2019

Kissed by the Son: Revive and Reform took place July 12-14 at the Moody Center at Northfield, 58 Winchester Road, Northfield, MA. Videos of the main sessions are available through our YouTube channel CLICK HERE.

Guest speakers included Eric Metaxas, Chuck Pierce, Phil Zaldatte, Mark Fee, Paul Jehle, and Jon and Jolene Hamill. Workshop presenters included Dick and Mardi Keyes, and John Rankin.


Kissed by the Son: Revive and Reform! was focused on experiencing and knowing the love and reviving presence of God, and bringing His presence to our spheres of influence, resulting in reformation. The topic also anticipated the upcoming 400th anniversary of the Pilgrims’ landing in 2020. The format of the conference included heart-felt worship, main speaker sessions, break-out workshops, and available ministry.

Restore and Revive – 2017

Prophetic Word Given by Chuck Pierce: “This will be the beginning of that which causes a nation to awaken again.”

The Restore and Revive Conference of 9/29–10/2/17 was a wonderful success, as God poured out His Spirit and His love on New England. Guest speakers included Heidi Baker, Chuck Pierce, R. T. Kendall, Larry Taylor, Paul Jehle, and James Levesque. The sessions were powerfully anointed, the worship was sweet, and the combination of so many activities in terms of workshops, ministry tents, food, fellowship, bookstore, panel discussion and more allowed people from all over New England to meet for the first time or renew longstanding friendships. People were saved, revived, healed, and launched into ministry and missionary activity. The connection of revival with evangelism was a constant theme, thus honoring Moody’s legacy. Presented by FirstLoveWorks and New England Alliance.

The Crossing – 2014

FirstLoveWorks teamed up with The Salvation Army of Newburyport, MA to present The Crossing at Newburyport’s Firehouse Theater in October, 2014. Proceeds benefited The Salvation Army’s anti-hunger and homelessness prevention programs. Band members Mark, Hilde, Eric, Tony, and Jennifer played seventeen instruments in a rousing, fun, sell-out concert. The Crossing is from Jesus People USA (Chicago) and Grrr Records.

The Crossing – 2013

The Crossing brought their original Celtic-inspired songs and storytelling to Old South Church in Newburyport, MA in October 2013. Healing prayer was offered afterwards and people were touched by God’s Spirit, and we blew circuit breakers at Old South more than once! The fellowship at the reception afterwards was rich, as people enjoyed time with each other and with the band.

Iona – “Another Realm” – 2012


FirstLoveWorks produced IONA’s (UK) Another Realm concert at Lowell Memorial Auditorium in Lowell, MA (June 24, 2012). This was a beautiful, glorious event rich with the presence of God. Afterwards, the audience posted the following feedback to IONA’s Facebook page:

–“My wife Melody and I just saw them Sunday in Lowell, MA. We drove 3 hours from Clinton, Maine to see them. This was my first time seeing them…it was a dream come true…I have been following them since the mid 90’s. They were so skilled as musicians and the Memorial Auditorium acoustics were perfect. It was a night to remember…After the show we stayed and the band Dave, Joanne, Phil, Martin, and Frank signed my tour poster that I requested from promotions at the shows end. Such a wonderful memory to cherish. They are extremely gracious and humble people. I know why they put together such timeless and beautiful music… I can’t stop playing Another Realm, which they played many songs from. You could feel the music and the love of Christ…Thanks to FirstLoveWorks for bringing them.”
–“I have been wanting to see Iona for about ten years. In Lowell MA., I finally see them and it was breath taking from my front row seating. All the instruments could be heard clearly and there was dancing in the aisles. Someone even won a concert t-shirt for best dance.”
–“IONA, I am so thankful for you! I saw you in Lowell a couple nights ago…your music–because your allegiance is to the King–changes things! It shifts the atmosphere and moves people’s hearts! I talked to one gentleman who said he was “changed just by being here.” Thank you for touring in America, coming to Boston (Lowell)! And thank you for Loving our King!”
–“Experienced you in Lowell on Sunday. You guys were beyond AMAZING! We absolutely loved you…MORE than met any expectations…would not have ever considered how wonderful the experience would be. It was the best anniversary gift for my husband and I.”
–“Dear Iona, After hearing your concert in Lowell MA yesterday, I feel renewed in my spirit! Your music, spoken words and the spirit of worship you carry was wonderful and refreshing! Love all the sounds, the singing, and even that you made it interactive. My favorite part was when we all joined in on ‘see His glory’ during the song White Horse . . . for it felt like we were before the throne in heaven!”
–“Thank you, as ever, amazing, humbling, and full of the King’s glory!”

Here is a summary of IONA’s history and musical style from their website
“Formed in 1989, IONA takes their name from the small island off the west coast of Scotland. From the beginning, their aim has been to write spiritual, atmospheric, yet uplifting music that would stir the emotions, weaving complex patterns that echo the intricate knot work of the great Celtic artists. Often inspired by the great figures of the Celtic Golden Age such as Columba, Aidan, Brendan and Patrick, IONA’s music is as timeless as the message that reaches out to us across the centuries. Uniquely combining rock / folk / progressive / ethnic and ambient elements with the crystalline voice of Joanne Hogg as their focus, IONA creates a blaze of colours and textures…all the sounds fusing into a single, yearning, heartfelt beautiful cry.”

IONA’s album, “Another Realm” taps into current themes of God’s glory, revival, and the outpouring of Holy Spirit.

Revival Then And Now – 2012

Revival Then and Now, 2012, was held at Evangelical Covenant Church in Springfield, MA and Resurrection Life Ministries in Northampton, MA.
Speakers included RT Kendall, John Thomas, and Graham Jones.
The theme of the conference was connecting the revival legacy of Jonathan Edwards with revival today.

There were three opportunities for people to respond to the Gospel and receive prayer in Springfield and in Northampton. Twelve people raised their hands and prayed for salvation. One of these was a man who responded to RT Kendall’s presentation of the Gospel. This local resident was personally known to a couple of our volunteers from Evangelical Covenant. He gave his life to Christ that night, and later introduced himself to RT, shaking his hand and personally thanking him for the message. We join with the angels in heaven rejoicing in these new believers!

Thanks to a wonderful healing team, comprised of people from a variety of churches and ministries, there were plenty of opportunities for people to receive healing prayer, both after the services (Springfield and Northampton) and at Evangelical Covenant’s prayer chapel. One powerful testimony we heard afterwards was from a volunteer leader, who was suffering from much pain in her knee, and from fibromyalgia, before the event. The first day of the event her doctor told her that she had a torn ligament. She received prayer about five times over the course of Revival Then and Now, including specific prayer for “all aspects of my knee injury including reconnecting my ligament back together.” Much of the pain from both the fibromyalgia and knee injury went away. She had an MRI on 11/14, and when she went back to her doctor for the results he said that this time the MRI showed that there was no tear in the ligament. She concluded her testimony with the following quote: “I am no longer facing surgery! So I want to praise and thank the Lord for His incredible mercy to me.”

After RT Kendall’s sermon “Total Forgiveness” about 90% of the people in the congregation responded by coming forward to the altar at Evangelical Covenant, receiving prayer and signaling that they were choosing to forgive someone who had wronged them. It was a beautiful time, and the Holy Spirit was clearly doing a deep, powerful work which will have a substantial impact going forward.

Revival Then And Now – 2011

Revival Then and Now, 2011, was held at Old South Church in Newburyport, MA. Speakers included RT Kendall, Larry Taylor, and John Thomas. The theme of the conference was connecting the revival legacy of George Whitefield (1714-1770) with revival today. People were saved, healed, and revived; and wonderful unity took place among believers from all kinds of church backgrounds, culminating in a glorious communion service. To watch our video describing the 2011 conference and its effects: Click Here

One in Spirit: Overcoming Barriers to Unity—2012
FirstLoveWorks co-sponsored this conference in May, 2012 in Danvers, MA with the North Shore Pastor’s Prayer Group and Christ the Redeemer Anglican Church. It featured workshops by North Shore pastors and leaders and special guest speakers Marios Ellinas and Aaron Evans. The subject was insights on the work of the Holy Spirit in past church history and today. It was a beautiful time with many churches experiencing together the presence and power of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost Eve.

Ballet Magnificat! – 2004 and 2005

Two years in a row, FirstLoveWorks brought Ballet Magnificat!, the world’s premiere Christian dance company, to Mechanics Hall in Worcester, and also to Salem, MA in 2005. Many partnering churches, ministries, and dance studios helped make these performances a huge success, bringing God’s presence through the arts. Ballet Magnificat! also presented dance workshops to local studios.

FirstLoveWorks is bringing Ballet Magnificat! back to New England to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the Pilgrims’ arrival in Plymouth, for their all-new production Anchored: The Pilgrim Story. Performances will take place:

Sept. 30: Collins Center, Andover MA, 7 PM

Oct. 1 – 2: Plymouth Memorial Hall, Plymouth MA, 7 PM (Oct. 1); 4 PM (Oct. 2)

Oct. 3: Moody Auditorium, Northfield MA, 4 PM

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